Over the years, Van Dam Im- en export BV has increasingly specialized in buying and selling newborn calves from bases outside the Netherlands. Due to our close contacts with purchasers as well as rearing farms, we are always very well-informed regarding the wishes and demands of the market and can serve as an effective link between the supply side and demand side. Gert-Jan van Dam is responsible for the purchase and housing of foreign calves. You can contact him if you need animals for your own use or for resale purposes. Van Dam has been an active player for years in Germany, where we own a share of a Collection centre for our own use, but we are also active in countries such as Belgium, England, Ireland and France. In Eastern Europe, Gert-Jan has established Dam-Pol, our own collection centre, with the aim of ensuring that only the highest-quality calves are shipped to the Netherlands, delivering added value to the fattening farm sector. Other countries in Eastern Europe where we are active include Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. For more information, please feel free to telephone or e-mail Gert-Jan.




Gert-Jan van Dam
Mob. +31 (0)6 55 18 62 47