Arie-Jan van Dam has been buying and selling calves since 1975. Starting as a one-man business from his home base in Friesland, his company has now become well established in the world of calves in the Netherlands. His 3 sons now work full-time in the company and each has his own specialist area. Van Dam is specialised in the buying and selling of newborn calves, starter calves and pink and white-meat calves. The starting point here is listening to the requirements of the customer and supplying the right calf. Because we manage everything ourselves, we can monitor each phase of the process. Arie-Jan and his sons supervise closely the purchase of newborns, the setting up and supervising of the fattening farms and the transport and sale to the slaughterhouse. We still believe in the old-fashioned saying when it comes to doing business: An honest man’s word is as good as his bond. Honesty and reliability are the key words at Van Dam.


Arie-Jan van Dam
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