Calf fattening is an important area within the company. Van Dam takes care of both the setting up of newborn calves and starter calves and the sale to various slaughterhouses. In between this there is a whole process that is taken care of by Martijn van Dam. It starts with the efficient registration of the animals that Martijn takes care of together with the office. The next step, the drawing up of various feed schedules for the calves for pink and white meat, is customised work and requires close monitoring. The use of medicines calls for a lot of attention due to the new legislation. Martijn is also responsible for the correct sale of calves for pink and white meat. He arranges the planning and transport to the various slaughterhouses in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. If you would like further information on the fattening farms, please telephone or e-mail our company.




Martijn van Dam
Mob. +31 (0)6 14 99 22 20